The overall population of the western world today are over weighted, and the average BMI keeps rising. The main concern about this problem is that people will become more sick and the averageLife expectancy will decrease. These days even more and more people are getting depended on health care systems, and the funny thing this could all be avoided if people only new the secret to a healthy fat loss diet.

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You see, one don't have to use strict hard to follow diets to loose weight and become healthy. You can eat almost everything you want and you should actually eat more fat to get your metabolism and fat burning system started. Doesn't that sound good? To be able to loose weight with out putting oneself through painful workouts and starving oneself with no or little results to show for it.

Think about been able to eat a full meal that taste wonderful everyday, and even eating a couple of these each day as well. The solution is so simple you would want to cry.. Not because of the solution it self, but because off all the needless efforts and pain you have put yourself through before for no use. And here you suddenly see that the tings you should be doing is all the stuff the experts told you not to do.

The truth is not only easy, but it also very cheep, at lest compared to gyms and diet coaches, who will charge you hundreds of dollars for something that again gives very little result over a long period. But hey, I'll let the real expert tell you all about it her self.

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i know what you're thinking - why has no one ever told me this and give me a donut NOW! so according to a recent study, a single glazed donut contains 14 grams fat. now that might not sound like a lot, but when you start comparing it to healthy fat foods it might just change your perception of eating a donut every now and again.


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